Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Beginning!

*waves* I have a regular blog here. But let's be honest, not everyone wants to read about how my 5 month old daughter just ate her foot for the first time, or how many diapers I change a day, or how cute her precious wittle smile is. All of those things are the story of my life right now and of late it's hard for me to find inspiration to write about anything. My days are jam packed with smiles and cuddles with my little girl and while I love my life and couldn't ask for more, I realize it doesn't make for the most interesting reads to everyone else.

When I'm not being mommy, I love to cook and read. I thought this blog could be fun for me to post awesome recipes I've tried or created, if for no other purpose than to document it for myself. I am ridiculous in the kitchen. I can take the simplest, easiest recipe and turn my kitchen into a war zone within a half hour. I will have to take pictures for proof. I have no idea how it happens, it is just me. So while I love cooking, I wish I had Paula Deen's life and didn't have to worry about the pesky task of cleaning up after yourself. How cool would that be?

While I love to read, my beautiful daughter does not like to allow me much free time. Remember how I'm stupid messy in the kitchen? The time I do get, I usually need to spend it cleaning up after said kitchen. I have to steal an hour to read after my little angel has nodded to sleep, usually reading until midnight before I must get some sleep to do it all again the next day. That being said, I will also be reviewing books as I read them here. I will admit that I still can't get enough of the angsty young adult books, but at the same time I adore Jane Austen. You will just have to bear with me here because I'm kind of all over the place.

Anyway, I always feel the first post of a blog should be explanatory and introductory and whatever other applicable word that ends in "ory". So now that that boringness is out of the way, I'll be back with some yummy treats and awesome reads soon. :)

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