Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Butterbeer cupcakes + Butterbeer=Harry Potter Heaven

Let me start by saying my husband and I are BIG Harry Potter nerds. One of our first dates was to go see the 4th one in the movie theatre, and we have seen every one together since then. We are planning a trip to the Harry Potter World next July hopefully. Until then, I found these two recipes that will have to tide us over.

Butterbeer that I found at The Pastry Affair. This turned out exactly as I'd imagined butterbeer to taste. It's an awesome blend of butterscotchy, cream soda, buttery goodness. It is so good. And the best part is, it was so simple to make. I really wanted to take pictures of the hubby and I enjoying it but we had to rush in our sips before he had to go to bed for a 4AM wake up the next day. But I have promised to make it whenever we watch the movies, so pictures will come someday. Anyways, that recipe is legit and probably the closest you will come to butterbeer without transporting into the book and having the real stuff.

Second, butterbeer cupcakes at Amy Bites. You guys. These are so good. It was the absolute best cupcake I've ever had. They took awhile and I cleaned my kitchen up for days after making them, but amazing nonetheless. The hubs and I decided that next time I make them, I'll fill them with the frosting and top the frosting that's on top with some of the butterscotch ganache. The frosting was just so good, the top wasn't enough for us. I think it'd also be good if you poke multiple holes in the cupcake and fill several different holes with the ganache. As it was, it just wasn't quite enough. Other than that, so very yummy.

As delicious as these both were, we had them at the same time and it was a bit much :D I think our stomachs hurt for an entire day after that. But we wanted the experience of having them both together, just once. I would recommend making them separately. There's only so much rich butter+sugar combo one stomach can take.

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